About Us

Welcome to Edutrain360—a hub of exceptional student support providing a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. Edutrain360 was established in 2016 and has since emerged as a leading institution in providing world-class education. We offer varying courses for local students, BAME communities at a further and higher education level which are designed with students’ educational goals in mind; equipping our students to develop their skills and prepare them for the world of work. Employability and enterprise skills form a key component of our teaching and learning strategy.

We have proved that that it does not take a great deal of money or brains

to build a successful student-oriented organisation.

A little money, a few big brains and a lot of caring is what makes us a unique education provider.

At Edutrain360, we understand the complexities of students’ journeys, and with a highly skilled team of staff with decades of teaching experience, you can be assured we have the resources and expertise to accommodate your learning needs. We provide learning solutions tailored to the unique values of your organisation, and our program produces the highest progression rates.

Great institutions articulate what is at the heart of what they do. At EDUTRAIN360, education is in our DNA. Edutrain360 is an institution for the 21st century.