Intended Learning Outcomes By the end of the DET qualification, students must be able to:

  • Define and analyse the different concepts of equality and diversity and inclusion;
  • • Implement the policies and strategies to ensure that the legislations and other regulatory frameworks relating to teaching and learning are being adhered to;
  • • Plan and deliver their subject area in an inclusive manner;
  • • Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to implement the different ways to assess learners at the different stages of their learning journey;
  • • Analyse the importance of continuous personal and professional development in the teaching profession;
  • • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate own practice in the different aspects of being a teaching professional such as planning, delivering, assessing, dealing with students’ issues, managing behaviour of students and participating the upholding of the organisational values and culture;
  • • Implement the different theories, models and principles of reflective practice, teaching and learning, communication, assessment and curriculum development;
  • • Demonstrate the ability to reflect on own wider skills and those of their learners and their impact on their motivation, confidence and achievement;
  • • Develop, use and organise resources for teaching and learning in an inclusive manner and in line with the related legislations;
  • • Evaluate the impact of the macro environment on the educational system, organisational policies and consequently own practice;
  • • Demonstrate the ability to plan, deliver and assess learners of the age group of 14-19;
  • • Evaluate own practice in terms of planning, delivering and assessing learners of the age group of 14-19.