University Progression

Edutrain360 recognises the challenges which can accompany the commitment to widening access, particularly in the successful retention of some students. At Edutrain360 we work with learners to create their journey from start to end of their university degree. In the Initial Information advice and guidance session, learners are supported to create a complete study plan from whichever situation they are achieving their final goals. Based on their initial assessment we also guide learners to choose the right university to study a degree course. We are associated with several universities and colleges around the United Kingdom.

We assist students to apply to their desired course and university. When you achieve an accredited qualification at Edutrain360, you can continue your studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree at associated universities.

University progression routes:

Progression from Level 3

Upon successful completion of a Diploma in Business Level 3, Students can progress to First Year of Bachelors in associated higher education institutes.